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Aug. 26th, 2009




Jun. 26th, 2009


(no subject)

I just won three 6 inch pie plates on ebay! I've been wathing this auction for what seems like forever but was really only like a week. lol

I'm busy looking for confirmation pages for work, so if you have any that are super bad, send them my way! These are pages that you get once you complete some action on a website like adding things to your cart or checking out.

May. 21st, 2009


Working for a livin'

Well I'm at work and it's 4am. Crazy huh? We are doing a test with Chinese participants and they are 13 hours of ahead of us.  We've got two chinese interpreters--one for the moderator and one for me to hear so i can take notes.  The lady who is doing the english didn't get to sleep any before doing this so she's pretty shot. lol I got about 4 extra hours of sleep before I had to come up here.

For Memorial Day, I'm heading down to my parents to do some crafting with my mom. The roomie is coming as well. We are hoping to find out how to change a pattern to fit a real person rather than the patterned person. BTW, have you looked at pattern sizes lately? OMG. A size 22 is really a 16. Good times. I had to buy the pattern that went up to size 28. I was appalled. lol  

We're also going to head to San Antonio on Sunday and hopefully we can score some good food like we did last time. The weather is supposed to be in the 90's though! lol  Then it's on to Austin on Monday to check out the seatbelt bags and other cool stuff they have there. Then it's home to recoup before we start testing the next day at 8am. lol

Meanwhile, my allergies have been going crazy. I don't know what is pollenating up here in Texas but what ever it is, it's making me wheeze like an old person. lol I had to resort to taking some over the counter meds but those just put me down for the count so I can't take them during work. lol

Mar. 10th, 2009

Mr and Mrs Coach

Just think happy thoughts

Oy.  I sure hope the rest of my day goes better.

Today started out with me getting up at 5am to go work out. You see, I've been consuming copeous amounts of  calories in the form of meat, tortilas and guacamole.  It all tasted so good going in, that I couldn't stop myself and so now am paying for it by not being able to fit into any of my hot weather clothes. Good times.

So there I was at the gyn, working hard on my fitness. I had done 30 mins on the elipitcal and walked for 7 to cool off. Next it was on to the showers--which is where things got interesting.

I go to the shower stall that I normally use and was so surprised at the cockroach that scurried when i moved the curtian that I screamed.  Poor ladies in the shower area!  I quickly said 'sorry! there was a roach!'  And one of the girls told me I could use her stall to shower since she was pretty sure there wasn't one in there.

So there I am showering and what do I see? You got it. A cockroach in the folds of the shower curtian. AHHHHH!!  I calmly rinse off, get out of the shower naked (which I hate doing--nobody needs to see me naked) and run for the changing area to get away from it. I didn't finish my whole shower routine but did manage to get most of the sweat off and wash my hair. UGGHHHH

So that's my tail. 2 live cockroaches, 1 smooshed cockroach and 1 little squiggly bug in the changing area.  

I did inform the lady at the front desk while I was leaving that there were more bugs than usual and that I hoped they could spray soon. Let's hope they will. 


Dec. 22nd, 2008


Happiness: Day 3-6

I think I've missed the last three days to post what makes me happy so here goes:

Day 3--Someone brought donuts in and I ate two!
Day 4--I made two cheese balls(one covered in pistachios and the other in walnuts) and shared them with a good friend while we drank and watched Christmas movies.
Day 5--I got the text that my friend had arrived safely at her destination for the holidays.
Day 6--I brought in cookies for the office for Christmas.

Ok peeps, I'm outtie. I need to go and work on a report for work and tonight I pack because tomorrow I'm heading to my parents for the holiday. And since my mom doesn't understand the concept of wireless networks, I will only have access to the interwebs via my loverly iPhone.

So I hope you all have a happy Christmas!!

Dec. 18th, 2008


Happiness--Day 2

I'm happy that it's one more day closer to my vacation for Christmas. :) I'm also happy that I have pretty much finished up my christmas shopping. :)

Dec. 17th, 2008


Happiness--Day 1

When I got to work this morning, I found a bag of cookies on my desk. Not some store bought cookies either--they appear to be homemade. I can't wait to eat them!!

Sep. 17th, 2008

hot fuzz

Trials and Tribulations

Well, my new car, my BABY car, my wonderful new Nissan Versa that only has 7800 miles on it and is just 3 months old, needs a new steering column.


I was at a dealer here in Dallas this morning at 7am for my appointment I made yesterday. After an hour, the lady came in and told me I needed a new steering column. It's covered under warranty so I shouldn't have to pay for anything. Thank god.

So I got a rental car and drove to work. Hopefully they will have it all fixed by tomorrow (they have to get the part in first) and then I can have my car back.

But the most disturbing thing is the forums I have been reading about the issue my car was having. When I would turn the wheel to the right when I parked or pulled out of a parking space, I would feel two or three bumps in the wheel. I didn't hear anything though. At first I thought it was something I was rolling over, like a rock or something but when it kept happening in places where I knew there weren't any rocks, I was worried. And apparently there are tons of people out there who are as well. Most people had the issue resolved when the steering column was replaced, so I have high hopes.

Other people are having some other serious issues with their Versa. I'm not sure if those are 2007, which is the first model, but they are having issues like: radio stopped working, car veers severely to the left (and it's not an alignment issue), breaks squeak (apparently this is due to the calibers or something), etc.

Now, my breaks squeak too and I need to call the dealer back this morning to make sure they checked that out. I also asked them to do the 27 point visual inspection too which I'm sure they didn't do.

I just hope my car isn't a lemon...which is always the worry of any new car buyer. But to see so many people have so many issues and my car have at least 2 of those issues, it makes me worry just a bit.

Jun. 25th, 2008


having a power lunch? then don't pick your local mexican place

I'm treating myself to some lunch since I haven't had breakfast and still have a day of packing ahead of me.

I chose my favorite mexican place--azteca. My waitress is great but the 4 women who are sitting kattykorner to me aren't.

It's like sex and the city but bitchier. In south seattle no less. Ugh

When they flagged down thelady who brings you salsa by saying 'waitress' and then drilling her about where their waitress was (because they needed some beans and cheese with their chips) I just about lost it. I breifly contemplated heading over to their table to give them a piece of my mind when I heard a bitchy one say "we have no waitress" as the salsa lady walked away (after telling thenm their waitress was on her way). Ugh

Why do you have to be so bitchy? You're here when the place opens for lunch and no one promises fast service so you can get back from lunch early enough to get that mani and pedi you need before you ride on your yaht this weekend. Ugh

Jun. 5th, 2008


Up to my ears in packing peanuts and tape--someone call for help!

So far, I've spent about $100 at Uhaul buying packing supplies--boxes, tape, markers, foam peanuts (although they are biodegradable when they touch water!), packing paper and other items. Thank god that the government will reimburse me for it when I do my taxes next year! Guess who's doing her taxes in January...lol

I also bought a new car last Friday. Oh my god I love it. It's a dark blue Nissan Versa. It took me almost 9 hours to get it though. I arrived at the dealership at 11:20am and started to talk to a salesman. We took a little test drive (although I had already made up my mind) in another Versa. Then we talked deal. I had to get them to give me more for my trade it (they wanted to give me $2100 for my 2001 Nissan Altima--HA! Double HA! when I knew it was worth at least 4k). So I got them to up it to $3000 and I wrote them a check for $4750 (the rest was financed--I can now look forward to 60 payments of $160 per month lol). And then it was time to wait. And wait. And wait.

Turns out the car that I really wanted (and had checked their inventory to make sure they still had) had been sold. So I was waiting for them to bring over another car from a nearby dealership.

Finally! I was told the car was there! This is after 2 1/2 hours of making small talk with the sales guy and with the finance guy (and faxing the deal to my credit union no less than 5 times). As we rounded the corner, I saw a Versa but didn't think it was mine. sure enough it was! Turned out, it was the wrong color. Yeah. I waited 2 1/2 hours for them to send a car that's the wrong color. Ugh. The color was the light ugly color blue and not the nice dark blue that I wanted. It had to go back.

They were all very apologetic and offered me a new car loaner (had to sign a 'demo' deal paper work) and told me to come back at 6:30pm and they would have my car for me. Ugh. I was starving (hadn't had anything to eat since 10:30am) so I took their loaner and headed back up North. Oh yeah, I went down about 15 miles (25 mins) to get this car because I thought they had it in stock. I could have went to any other dealership within a 5 miles radius, but chose them because, again, I thought they had it in stock. ugh.

By the time I picked up Megan and we had dinner, it was time to head back to the dealer. We got there around 7pm and there was my car! With tinted windows and a pin stripe...wait. That's not what I wanted! But the color was right...hmmm. Turns out the other dealer had the windows tinted and the stripe put on (I swear I'm always getting cars with this god damn pin stripe! which I really don't like...). They were kind enough to tell me they were 'throwing $400 worth of extras in' on this car for me and I was kind enough not to point out that I was still out $250 for my non-existent mud flaps and metal kick plates. lol

I've had the car now for almost a week and have only put on 200 miles. I don't want to drive it anywhere. It's my baby. lol I realize that soon it will at least have 2100 miles on it after the move, but I'm still dealing with having to drive it in the rain (gotta love Seattle in the summertime! It hasn't been above 60 for the past 2 weeks!).

Well, I'm off to find some more stuff to pack. Ugh I can't believe I have this much shit!!

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